Safety of Electrical Products (Electrical Safety)

“Any electrical product, whether imported or national, from 50 V up to 1000 V or 63 A, must comply with the Resolution for the Safety of Electrical Products (Electrical Safety), currently 169/2018 (originally Resolution 92/1998) in order to be imported to or manufactured or marketed in the Argentine Republic”.

Certificación de Seguridad Eléctrica

Certification of the Safety of Electrical Products (Electrical Safety)

Electrical products imported to or manufactured or marketed in Argentina are required by the Argentine government to have an “Electrical Safety Certificate” for user protection. We know the process to secure this certificate, which is described below:

  • Review and analysis of supporting documents for the product.
  • Analysis of any international certificates in effect.
  • Selection of the Certification Body authorized by the Accreditation Body of Argentina (OAA).
  • Selection of the testing laboratory.
  • Management of the entry of samples (SDU 178).
  • Management of the test report.
  • Management of the approved certificate.
  • Submission and follow-up until approval of the sworn statement (Marketing Authorization) at the Secretariat of Commerce.

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In brief, this process usually takes around 4 months and costs USD 2000 based on the historical average.

  • Exemptions: Many products for specific uses are exempted (See Resolution 169/2018, Annex I, “Professional Use,”).” Before you take any steps, contact us to prevent unnecessary expenses and problems. We offer the best service in the market along with very competitive rates.
  • Entry “not for use” (SDU): Any sample for testing must enter Argentina through the SDU system established by Resolution 178/2000; contact us
  • Entry “not for use, for local market adaptation” (SDU AML): Urgent entry of goods withheld by Customs due to non-compliance with electrical safety requirements; contact us 
  • It is essential to appoint a person (whether internal or external) who is able to “take charge” and effectively defend your interests. Our advantages are knowing the market and being independent—we work with all accredited suppliers and will secure for you the best costs and terms available on the market

Form C or Marketing Form for certification of Electrical Safety under Resolution 171/1​6.


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