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Our Certifications

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Electrical Safety Regulation

  • Successful import operations undertaken for important European clients, on both a regular and urgent basis.
  • Minimum term or cost to certify the electrical safety of your product.
  • Handling (in full or in part) of the renewal of your certificates.
  • Entry of products exempted under “Professional Use”
  • Entry of products exempted by “Use in Restricted Access Areas”
  • Handling of your authorizations for marketing your electrical safety products and spare parts and supplies (“RI”).
  • Entry of samples labeled “not for use” (SDU) for testing purposes.
  • Expansion and extension of your electrical safety certificate.


  • Successful import operations undertaken for important European clients, on both a regular and urgent basis.
  • Release of products or entry of not-for-use samples withheld by Customs due to electrical safety issues.
  • Obtention of special permits.
  • Management of Dangerous Goods (as per IMDG).
  • Electrical safety certificates for product batches.
  • Electrical safety inspections at origin.
  • Consultancy services free of charge for customs brokers.
  • Assistance in the operation of the TAD platform (Tramites a Distancia).

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Other Certificates

  • Energy Efficiency
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Measurements: Grounding, lighting, noise
  • Elevators certification
  • Safety Auto Parts Compliance Certificate (CHAS)
  • Bicycle and EPAC (Electric Power Assisted Cycle) Bicycle certification

Certification of Inks and Print Products

Beginning in 2012, all printing inks and any products printed on paper or plastic that are imported to or manufactured in Argentina must be accompanied by a certificate or sworn statement (as applicable) stating that the product’s lead content is lower than 0.06% of non‑volatile mass, as required by Resolution 453/2010 (and its modifications) and Resolution 07/2009.

These documents must be submitted by the national manufacturer (before the products can be marketed) or by the importer (before they can be cleared to enter Argentina).

Small batches have been exempted—for example, up to 500 books or 5000 labels or boxes. Contact us